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Ableton Live 10 is coming soon, and one of the features I’m most excited about is their new synthesizer Wavetable. This incredible synth (similar to Serum but built into Ableton) has promising vast sonic potential and an intuitive and tweakable interface.

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  2. Easy, Hello and welcome back to the next instalment of the Ableton live tutorials, In this lesson we will be looking at creating SUB BASS IN XFER SERUM.

“Wavetable is capable of angelic pads, analog-style squelch, eerie sci-fi effects, and all sorts of evolving sounds, and at its heart is a new approach to wavetable synthesis.” –


Ableton Serum Archives Free

Wavetable features two oscillators with a massive selection of source wavetables, and a sub oscillator that you can adjust the tone for. Some of the shapes found in the two oscillators are the basic (sine, saw, triangle, square) to wider variety of shape types (complex, distortion, filter, format, harmonics, noise, retro, vintage). Wavetable allows you to easily morph between them.

Overview of features:


Bend, warp and widen the sound even further with Oscillator effects and Unison. There’s a separate Amp with it’s own ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), as well as two Envelopes. And two LFOs. Shape sounds with two analog-modeled filters (with the auto filter technology built in). Access your entire synth structure with an expanded and enlarged visually stunning instrument interface that fills your entire screen. This view makes Wavetable feel like you’re working on a synth with such massive capabilities and potential. You can also modulate every aspect of this synth with the simple to use modulation matrix, and control everything seamlessly with Push.

First it features a huge collection of 170 Serum presets, expertly crafted to bring you all the hugely popular sounds of Future Bass with no hassle. Also included are six Ableton Live templates created for the demo to dig in to and help you get creative to start your tracks and check how these presets were used creatively.

Ableton Serum Archives Download

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with inside Wavetable but while you wait, Level up your Ableton Live skills by checking out one of our courses below!

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Serum Ableton 11

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