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Using Adobe Activator is an easy way to get Adobe CC products for free. This pirated program replaces the Adobe license files, and users receive a lifetime license for all Adobe Creative Clouds software.

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Adobe products have always been rather expensive, and with the introduction of a monthly subscription system without the possibility of a one-time purchase, you can even pay $600 a year for using the necessary programs. So, is it worth embarking on the piracy path and use Adobe CC Activator? Or it is better to find a decent free alternative?

What Is Adobe Activator?


Adobe has a rather straightforward policy concerning their products. You can test them for 15 days free of charge and then either buy them or stop using. However, there is a category of people, who want to get access to powerful Adobe software without spending a cent, so they resort to Adobe Crack, Keygen or Adobe Creative Cloud Torrents.

Since the latter approach is very risky, some users decide on switching to Adobe Activator that can activate licensed software downloaded from the official website.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 Product Key Archives

AMT Emulator, also known as AMTEmu, is a brainchild of a famous Russian developer PainterR. “AMTEmu by PainteR” is a frequent Google request because this software allows activating any product without time-consuming manipulations and possible limitations. Being rather simple to use, it is absolutely unmatched at making any Adobe Software accessible for as long as you need.

Adobe Activator: F.A.Q.

The possibility to use Adobe Activator 2021 is truly tempting, but are there any pitfalls you should know about? Let’s find out!

Viruses and malware are just the start. The most frequent dangers of using pirated programs are hidden viruses and malware that discreetly get onto your device and start messing up the entire working process. The statistics show that you are 28 times more subject to malicious attacks if you neglect the safety rules and decide to save some money by using cracked software.

For instance, you can see a notification on your screen informing you about the necessity to pay a ransom fee if you want to unlock your computer system. That doesn’t sound very nice, does it? So, it is better to be an abiding citizen and give up the idea of using Adobe CC Activator.

You can’t update your software and you’ll live with bugs. Legal users are treated by software developers with frequent updates and prompt assistance if any problem appears. Some bugs are unnoticeable when you first use a program and start interfering with the workflow over time. That’s when you understand the importance of customer support and updates that remove irritating malfunctions.

If you opt for the software that has been cracked with the help of a patch, you can forget about all subsequent updates. While law-abiding users receive a program with boosted performance and a broader range of tools, you are doomed to deal with laggy instruments and constant crashes. The choice is yours!

Software malfunctions. When you look for Adobe CC Activator on the net and suddenly bumps into a program that is claimed to work smoothly and provide you with the access to the necessary Adobe products, you are likely to feel exalted. But how can you be totally sure that the description corresponds to reality? In most cases, such programs bring more harm than good.

You’re killing the industry. There is almost no different between stealing from a physical store and online one, and that is actually what you do when you choose a pirated program distributed free of charge. Such action causes lots of damage to legitimate businesses.

How Can I Use Adobe Creative Cloud Legally?

If you want to have a reliable and stable program from Adobe, then there is a way to use it for free.

Adobe CC Trial

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OS
  • Price: Free Trial or $52.99/month
  • FixThePhoto's Rating (4/5)

But let's be realistic, you're unlikely to work in all Adobe programs at the same time. If you a photographer or retoucher, then you hardly need After Effects or Adobe Fuse.

In this case, it seems logical to try the Adobe Creative Cloud free trial for 7 days, test various software and clearly understand what programs you really need for your work. Thus, you can choose the most suitable pack of programs and spend no more than $20/month.

How to Replace Adobe Activator?

You don’t need to use Adobe software for your creative work, even if it involves professional commercial use. There are many free programs that can replace Adobe products and even be more convenient for some tasks.

For Image Editing: Online Photoshop Editor

This is a web-based application, which is favored by many users because of its multi-platform support. Here you can work with PSDs without problems as well as make changes to images in other formats. The photo editor can satisfy both professional users, who often work on the go and average users, who need something more powerful than entry-level image editor.

For Design: Inkscape

If you are interested in design, you can choose Inkscape absolutely for free. It is rather intuitive to use and offers many handy features such as pattern fills, text/line to path, as well as cool tools – pen, pencil, and calligraphy instruments. Besides, here you can use a well-developed gradient editor and choose from a variety of color palettes and ramps.

For Publishing: Scribus

Scribus is a desktop publisher with a huge variety of ready-made templates, which you can use while preparing invitations, brochures, posters, etc. Besides, the program has a separate section of templates for books, magazines and newspapers. What makes Scribus more popular that similar software is its broad compatibility with numerous platforms.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 Product Key Archives 2017

For Video Editing: HitFilm Express

You can hardly find a more powerful program for professional video editing. HitFilm Express allows working with different video formats, applying color styles stored in the Effects tab and customize them the way you need. The quality of the video you get once all the adjustments are finished is really impressive and can even compete with what higher-priced programs produce.



If you abandoned the idea of using Adobe CC Activator to access the desired program or decided on a free alternative, that you’ll be glad to get some handy tools to make your work faster and easier.

Magic Nature Filter

This bundle of presets is helpful is you need to improve the coloring of a shot by altering saturation and vibration. Look through the entire pack and you are sure to find many tools to make colors in the photo look eye-pleasing.

Sunrise Overlay

If you dream of snapping a photo full of gentle sunrays that embrace the nature at the sunrise, you don’t necessarily need to wake up very early in the morning and organize shooting. With the help of this free overlay, you can transform any photo and give it a sun-kissed look.

Fog Brush

This is a great brush to cover the background of a shot with a delicate mist. Use it both for portrait and fashion images.

As Adobe rolls out updates to Adobe Applications at an accelerated pace with Creative Cloud, as compared to the old Creative Suite days, there might be times when you need to use the older version of an application, compatibility with plug-ins is one example. Here is how to download the previous version of the applications in the suite.

Install from Creative Cloud

Using the Adobe Creative Cloud application, you can reinstall older versions.

  1. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
  2. Click the More actions () button next to the listing for the app you want to rollback.
  3. In the popup window, click the Install button to reinstall the older version of the app.

Once you authenticate, the application will be automatically downloaded and installed into your applications folder.

Install Manually

Adobe maintains a list with the direct downloads for the Creative Cloud 2019 and 2018 apps installers. From these links, you can download the older version of the app and then manually install it on your computer. Once the application is installed, software updates may need to be applied.

Below are the links for just some of the most popular Adobe applications.

Creative Cloud 2019 apps

Acrobat Pro DCWindows32-BitmacOS64-Bit
After EffectsWindows64-BitmacOS64-Bit
Premiere ProWindows64-BitmacOS64-Bit

Creative Cloud 2018 apps

Caution: The installers will not run on macOS Catalina 10.15.

If you need to revert your operating system to install your apps, please download Mac OS Mojave from the Apple Support website. Rolling back your OS may cause compatibility issues with other applications and should be done with full consideration of the impact.

Acrobat Pro DCWindows32-BitmacOS64-Bit
After Effects CCWindows64-BitmacOS64-Bit
Audition CCWindows64-BitmacOS64-Bit
Dreamweaver CCWindows32-Bit
Illustrator CCWindows32-Bit
InDesign CCWindows32-Bit
Photoshop CCWindows32-Bit
Premiere Pro CCWindows64-BitmacOS64-Bit

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 Product Key Archives Full

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 Product Key Archives full

More Creative Cloud apps

For the complete list of 2018 and 2019 Creative Cloud apps with direct downloads, please visit https,://

For the list of legacy (2015 and 2017) applications, please visit

If you have any questions about installing or using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at 214.768.HELP (4357) or [email protected]

Adobe Creative Cloud 2021 Product Key Archives Full