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Hi everyone welcome to Adobe XD mega course.

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Before I jump into the details of the course I want to quickly tell what adobe xd is used for.

  1. Discover the best UI Kits, Icons, Templates, Mockups, Style Guides, Illustrations, and more free resources for Adobe XD. Take your designs to the next level.
  2. Jul 08, 2021 This is a massive bundle of Adobe XD templates you can use to design all kinds of apps and user interfaces. The pack comes with more than 300 different templates that are available in 14 categories. It features a total of 1200 unique elements.
  3. Adobe XD CC 42 Review XD CC is also known as Experience Design by Adobe comes with a variety of powerful tools for producing accurate and high-quality.

Adobe XD is a simple easy to use application dedicated to UI UX design we can call it user interface or user? basically, we use adobe xd to design mobile apps and websites

Xd design bobby

Just like our other mega courses this course is designed to take you from absolute beginner to advanced level in UI design.

This course is divided into 4 main parts, basics of design mode, basics of prototype mode, advanced technique and finally working with real projects.

In the design mode basics. We will start with downloading Adobe XD and installing then we will open it for the first time.

Recreating the Devil's Eyes from Disney's 'The Rescuers' with Adobe Stock Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe xd,xd,web design,ui,ux design,adobe xd tutorial. Free Adobe XD template.

I will show you how to work with artboards, shape tools line tools, I will teach you how to use text tools, how to use images easily and effectively. After that, we will cover alignment tools and boolean operations. Then I will show you how to work with components and assets inside XD. later, we will cover a very exciting feature in XD which is a repeat grid. After that, we will cover responsive resize I will show how to use it and how to get an advantage from it for your designs. The last thing we will cover some free Plugins, we will cover the most useful ones. When you finish this part you will have a complete understanding of Adobe XD design tools, you will be ready to use what you have learnt to create some professional design. Together we are going to design two screens of a finance app, we will use all that we learnt in the design mode basics part.

After we covered and practised everything about design mode we will move to the prototype model. We will start with the basics and then we will cover all of the tools and settings in the prototype mode. We will cover time transition, component states, scrolling groups, overly animation, drag animation, sound, voice and keyboard triggers and much more. At the end we will cover an exciting prototype feature which is auto animate, we are going to animate the design we made in the design part with auto animate.

After we covered both design and prototype mode we will cover some advanced techniques. Like 3D transform and animation, Glassmorphisms, input prototype, scroll number scroll colours.

At the end of the course, we are going to create two projects together, the first one is a website homepage for a financial company, we will create it from scratch, we will start with the brainstorming and written form then we will design and prototype it.

The second project will be an e-commerce app, we will start this one from the brainstorming to the design and then to prototyping.

After you finish this course you will have a full understanding of Ui design and Adobe XD. You will be ready to use Adobe XD effectively and professionally. You will be ready to start your carrier with UI design.

Adobe XD is an user interface and user experience design app that is part of the Creative Cloud applications. It’s used to work with web apps and mobile apps, designing interactive prototypes for testing user interface elements.

If you’re just getting into Adobe XD or need some further inspiration for your next application, then this article is for you. We’ll be looking at the top 7 websites for getting Adobe XD templates and freebies, and what makes them so great.

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Adobe themselves have a few resources for XD. From their site, you can download templates and UI resources for Apple Design, Material Design, Microsoft UWP Design, and IBM Design. On top of that, they offer a selection of user-created design kits for free.

Since these templates are directly from the source, you probably don’t need to worry about anything not working properly – Adobe has likely vetted these selected designs.

They only showcase a small selection of templates, but each one is unique from the others and will allow XD newcomers to practice with a variety of different styles.

Featured Freebie: Fresh Food UI Kit by Daniel White

Adobe xd design Archives 2020

This freebie from Adobe is built around a food shopping app. It includes a wide variety of elements so you can experiment with different aspects of UI design. It leverages components, states, voice search and more, as well as offering a light mode and dark mode.

This is both a simple starting point for a project, as well as a robust one. You can download this from Adobe on the UI Kits tab.

XD Guru

With a name like XD Guru, it’s pretty apparent that this site has plenty of resources. They offer a both free and paid resources for Adobe XD including UI kits and templates. You’ll find plenty of projects, from unreleased demos to templates made just for the fun of it.

XD Guru also publishes their own content about becoming better at UI/UX design, including a paid course. Adobe XD was only released in its first public form in January 2019, so resources like this one are very valuable to people just getting into this program.

Featured Freebie: Furniture Ecommerce XD Template by Dev Design Studio

This Adobe XD freebie is a great starting point for any minimalistic website. It’s set up as an online furniture store, but can be adapted and customized to selling anything. Its clean design is like a blank slate for any XD designer!

PSD Repo

Adobe Xd Design Archives 2019

Just because “PSD” is in the name, doesn’t mean that PSD Repo only covers Photoshop. They have an extensive library of free XD templates to play around with. Every single template on this website is free, so no need to worry about finding one you like, only to realize that you need to pay for it.

This site is a playground for anyone looking to dive into UI design!

Featured Freebie: Tinder Redesign Dark UI by Mwsurjith Raj

Tinder is a mobile app that many people are already familiar with, so this Adobe XD template should be a great starting point for people just getting into the program. Everything in this template is fully customizable, and it features a wide variety of screens such as onboarding screens, messaging screens, match screens, and more.

XD Resources

XD Resources is a great place to find Adobe XD templates and freebies if you’re looking for something more specific. Unlike the other sites we’ve mentioned on this list, XD Resources has a tagging system that you can use to browse by tags and find exactly what you’re looking for.

This site doesn’t host files themselves, so it’s great as an aggregator of free XD templates from around the web. They also accept submissions if you have your free design template available on a third-party site.

Featured Freebie: Login UI Kit by Ranish Chirayil

The Login UI Kit Adobe XD template features 20 different templates for mobile app login screens. First impressions are important, and designing a functional and attractive login screen is imperative to those first impressions. This freebie should give you inspiration and practice with important onboarding elements.


What Is Adobe Xd

Behance is a great site for showing off and discovering creative work, and Adobe XD is no different. With the way Behance is set up, you will be able to see XD creations along with plenty of screenshots and explanations.

Not every project will include a download link, so you may need to do some searching to find ones that are actually free. Some of the other websites on this list feature free XD templates that are listed on Behance. Even if you can’t find free templates to work off of, the information on Behance is still very valuable. You can get some inspiration from more experienced creators, and sometimes get an explanation behind certain design choices.

Featured Freebie: Free Paaatterns! by Ruslan Latypov, Margarita Lunina, and LS Graphics

Adobe XD isn’t all about full website or app designs. Sometimes you need to have design elements, like the patterns in the Free Paaatterns! freebie. These perfectly-balanced shapes can be used just about anywhere as small details in a design or as major elements that inform the entire look.

UI Store Design


UI Store Design offers a variety of free Adobe XD templates for download. The site also offers free items like vector icons, device mockups, and landing page designs, for use in other software. Their Adobe XD templates are high-quality and feature-rich, meaning you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to practicing in Adobe XD.

Featured Freebie: Cafit Workout UI Kit by Capi Creative

This minimalistic yet vibrant workout app design is a great starting point for an Adobe XD project. With over 45 different pre-made screens to work with, there is a lot to try out. It includes vector shapes and icon sets, and each layer is fully customizable to your own preferences.


Adobe xd sample projectAdobe xd design archives 2020

PSDDD aggregates free templates for Adobe products from around the internet. This includes Adobe XD, and there are plenty of free templates to choose from! While there’s no real search tools or robust review system, this is a great starting point for browsing a large variety of templates and finding more places to get them. The site does show views and downloads, so you can get a sense for how popular a template is.

Adobe Xd Website Templates

Featured Freebie: Bootstrap Grid Template by Vivek Popat

Adobe Xd Design Archives Download

Beyond just the visual design of something in Adobe XD, designers have to consider gridlines. These keep elements aligned properly and allow for working in an organized grid. This freebie is practically essential to working with these guidelines if you don’t like what comes with Adobe XD.

Xd Design Backpack

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