Nova Launcher Prime V7.0.49 Crack Mod Apk Tesla Unread Latest Version


• Prime / Paid features unlocked – no additional key required;
• Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
• Optimized and zipaligned graphics and cleaned resources for fast load;
• Default wallpapers removed;
• Disabled Rate and Social Menu;
• Google Play Store install package check disabled;
• Debug code removed;
• Remove default .source tags name of the corresponding java files;
• Ultra compress packaging for small size;
• Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
• No active trackers;
• Native bugsnag analytics removed completely;
• Languages: Full Multi Languages;
• CPUs: universal architecture;
• Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
• Original package signature changed;


Nova Launcher Prime 7.0.25 Final Apk + Mod for Android Tesla Unread 5.1.2 In general, if you are tired of having a duplicate device interface and need a variety of tools and one of the most elegant and practical launchers for Android, just go directly to the Prime version which has been offered for download, because you will not regret your. Nova Launcher Prime 2021 Apk Mod - Android latest version Personalization app free Download. Do more with Nova Launcher Prime. Unlock Nova Launcher's full potential with Nova Launcher Prime: Gestures: Swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen to execute custom commands Nova launcher prime apk. App Drawer Groups: Create custom. The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen. Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout.

When it comes to handy devices we tend to ornate them many different ways with variants of elements externally. While your artistic mind does not have to be bound to only exterior design elements, your device theme and colors and all necessary visualizing bits and pieces can be personalized as per your artistic choice of interest. Now you may ask why such a bold statement. We are confident in our words because Nova Launcher Prime Apk is so in its performance. Now the app definitely does not has the privilege to brag like us, but it sure does show its variants of attractive features giving personalizing abilities to the fullest potential of the user.

Nova launcher prime v7.0.49 crack mod apk tesla unread latest version updateCrack

Among the customizers, Nova Launcher Prime Apk should not be a new name to digest. But still, for everyone’s sake, you should know what this amazing Nova Launcher Prime Apk is capable of. As a starter, Nova Launcher Prime Apk is the most recommended, polished, and broad app launcher with all customizing launching solutions. So if you envision your default launching interface to be aligning with your taste of choice and style, well Nova Launcher Prime Apk can be at the peak at your alternatives. Say any possible launching interface, this app can get you the best of it.

Stand out from a common default to a customized designed interface as per your taste

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is no longer a vague identity to most android believers today. It comes with amazingly themed and styled designs and choices of color palettes that vibes with the latest trends and designs. With such a huge collection of launching themes, it is not much hard for the app to attract the user and beautify its interface in the best possible way. No wonder why the app is so popular and cherished with the full pack benefits. So whenever it gets boring with the default user interface, you can always rely on Nova Launcher Prime Apk with unlimited choices of customizable launching interfaces with wide variants of personalized solutions.

Amazing built-in application features

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk comes with some uncommon premium features that are usually not available in many default devices. If your device is compatible with it, you can literally use top-notch features like gestures, hiding apps, icon swipes, etc. While these are not the most common default phone features tied with the original interface, Nova Launcher Prime Apk can really make up for it. Another built-in feature it offers is unread counts which you might all know that it shows the counting numbers of the unread messages or email on the corner of the app icon. Believe it or not many default launching interface does not include this feature. Even if it does there are lackings like either it shows just the bubble or dot as a sign of ‘having unread messages’ but it doesn’t say the number of total unread messages. Here Nova Launcher Prime Apk solves that problem for you.


Adjust colors as per need


When it comes to a suitable color palette choice, there can be unlimited choices and tastes. Also, there can be even some major preferences of warm or soft light usage as well. Point to note that Nova Launcher Prime Apk can even be at your help of cornea issues as you can set the tone or warmth of your interface now to adjust its suitability of usage as per your eye comfort. Not only that, you can adjust the colors for a bunch of different functions like scrollbars, backgrounds, badges, file folders, etc.

Customizable icons to satisfy your visual style

Nova Launcher Prime V7.0.49 Crack Mod Apk Tesla Unread Latest Version Download

When it comes to icon designs, they get less intuitive over time as we literally see them every now and then and use the same thing again and again. Let’s not disagree that, the boredom of using a phone somehow connects to the fact of using the same boring interface again and again. With a fresh phone comes a fresh interface where we expect a new theme or design will be introduced that can satisfy our taste of visual communication or discover the experience differently.

Nova Launcher Prime V7.0.49 Crack Mod Apk Tesla Unread Latest Version Download

Well, it is not fully wrong. But when the solution of having something new in terms of your tasteful user experience, Nova Launcher Prime Apk can give you that with no huge investment of buying a totally new device whatsoever. On top of that here you are even unlocking many premier benefits for FREE. So you really think now the ‘buying a new hone to get rid of same old interface’ is a good idea? If no, then well, glad to change your mind!

Wide variety of collection of animation

Also, you might not want to overlook the customizable option of the animation of different functions. Nova Launcher Prime Apk offers a wide variety of animation for scrolling or transitions for the tabs and apps. You can keep changing up whenever you feel like it. And trust us when we say you are never gonna utter ‘it is boring’ when you have a HUGE collection of animation choices offered by our FREE Nova Launcher Prime MOD Apk.
Add more to the collection by importing layouts from other launching solutions

Here is the best fact of Nova Launcher Prime Apk – it allows you to import your preferable choice of interface layout from other launchers in case you are still not satisfied with its owned collection. Isn’t that great? What it means is Nova Launcher Prime Apk will do its utmost best for you to have the best experience. You can scroll or jump between docks to continue a smooth workflow instead of clogging one doc with a bunch of applications. All of the docks can be customized separately and independently as per your choice and convenience.


As you can see, Nova Launcher Prime Apk goes out of its way to satisfy the users’ experience with its variety of launching solutions. And with our free Nova Launcher Prime MOD Apk, you can easily install and enjoy all the premium benefits and features at your fingertips free of cost.

Download Nova Launcher Prime v7.0.55 (MOD, Paid/Patched/Prime Features Unlocked)

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